"Iceland objects" is a kind of video painting in which the camera draws intricate compositions comprised of the beautiful Iceland landscapes and random objects placed in it. These compositions remind of accidental installations that tell different stories of things left behind, abandoned, forgotten and no longer needed. These are the stories of human beings' encounter with nature, of beautiful and dark fantasies of the grandeur of the man-made objects and of the pleasures of recycling them and one's own gaze at them.

The project revives these massive yet fragile objects; it shows that an old car covered with snow, a snow ventilator, a ship trailer or a trash container may serve as reminders of the unexpected yet incessant creativity. Moreover, not only the artists' camera but also the Icelandic landscape itself recycle these ordinary objects and offer subversive ways of seeing them in different ways, in ways that may lead to different realizations about the intersections of nature, man-made objects and the artist's gaze.

directing/camera: Paulius MazĊĞras, Rudolfas Levulis
sound: Runar Magnusson

duration 8:00min. , format 6K