This is the project interfacing dialog between architecture and humans. Town residents as performers, actors of every day life. We are using architecture as urban theater or public space installation.

This time we decided to visit youngest Lithuanian city Visaginas. Visaginas is the city which is not similar to other Lithuanian town. It was built as a town for workers engaged in the construction of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. This the story how Eleonora, Tatjana, Liudmila, Nedezhda come to Lithuania. Today they are known as “Dance Theater”

The main choreographer of this dance - Nijole. For 30 years was a choral artist in the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Today she is dean of “DanceTheatre” at Third Age University. As she said 8 years ago she came to Visaginas looking for an adventure.

Tatjana born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. After graduating from the Technology School she was sent to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant construction site. Today she is a housewife. Nedezhda born in Oktyabrsk, Russia. Came to Visaginas for the management of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant construction process. Eleonora - economist, born in Ryazhsk, Russia. Her roots - Uzbekistan. Liudmila born in Kaliningrad, Russia. Visaginas become her home after her husband got a job in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. She used to work in Nuclear Power security.



dancers: Third Age University
music: Brokenchord
city: Visaginas